Day 1: Time to Go Shopping

After we got done checking out all the temples (read more here) we took a Tuk Tuk to middle of Bangkok to see the massive malls. What’s a Tuk Tuk?

Short answer: a funny looking cab.

It’s basically a large motorized tricycle. The front looks like a guy sitting on a motorcycle and the back has a wide seat.

Unlike cabs, these vehicles don’t have a meter so a fixed price is negotiated. Being white, it was easy to tell that these guys were trying to rip us off and charge us double the average cost. This is where the haggling came in.

Whatever price they said we would counter with half and then settle on a price somewhere above it. Our first haggling attempts were pretty sad since we were new to the city and didn’t know much. However after a few days we started to get the hang of it…just walking away seemed to save us a few bucks here and there.


Picture from back of Tuk Tuk

The Tuk Tuk rides around the city were an adventure in themselves. These things were a fun way to explore the city. One thing I will say, I have no idea how the hell the drivers on these streets know who has the right away, who goes when, etc. The best way to describe the busy streets is organized chaos. I’m honestly surprised that the cabs, tuk tuks, and motorcycles aren’t filled with dents and scratches.

We finally got to the mall which was huge. It also seemed very out of place. The surrounding streets were filled with small little food stands, beggers, and were kinda dirty. But sure enough, in the middle of it all was a huge mall that looked new.



As you can see, these malls are huge! The funny thing was is that this building was just 1 section of the mall. This was the electronics section which was filled with computers, video games, TVs, etc. There was another section of the mall that was even bigger and was dedicated to just clothes. Easily the biggest mall I’ve ever been to or even heard of.

After the mall we got dinner and headed back to the hotel. After a long day of river tours, temple exploring, and exploring the malls we were both dead tired. We took a nap around 7:30pm but didn’t wake up until the next morning, so maybe a “nap” isn’t the best way to describe it.

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