Day 2: NFL, Clubs, and Hookers? (No it’s not what you think)

The day started with Steve and I waking up around 5:00am since we passed out the day before around 7:00pm. First thing we did was wandered around trying to find an ATM. We stopped at a 7-11 down the street which had an ATM outside. By the way, 7-11’s are EVERYWHERE in Bangkok.

I put in my debit card only to realize that the machine wasn’t working and nothing was happening. I started to panic when my debit card wasn’t getting spit out. Finally after a few moments of fear and frustration, I finally got my debit card back. A local man nearby saw this happen and told us of another ATM just down the street.

We started walking down the street when we saw a sign that said “NFL Games Shown Here.” Holy !@#$, whenever we asked local sports bars if they were showing NFL games they looked like us as if they had no idea what we were talking about (which is probably true). We walked inside only to find us inside an American  themed bar. Nothing like a taste of home now and then when travelling.


The bar was called “Tavern” and when we walked in it was the middle of the 3rd quarter with the Packers playing the Bears (what a game!). There were probably about 7 or so other American men in there watching the games who were either living in Bangkok or just visiting for a few weeks. It was great to talk to these guys since they seemed to know the city and culture fairly well. They filled us in on the do’s and don’ts of Bangkok which was quite helpful.

After the Bears/Packers game and the Eagles/Cowboys game we just wandered around the streets exploring. By this time we were pretty tired so we went to find a place for our daily massage. Rather than taking a chance and choosing for ourselves (this didn’t work too well last time) we asked the hotel for a recommendation…and thank God we did.

The place was clean and professional (finally) and the massages were awesome! One thing to note, the nicer places usually don’t offer the “happy ending”…only the cheaper “hole-in-the-wall” type places. After the massage we headed back to the hotel to relax for a little bit before we went out.

We started our night out at a little sports bar down the street called Strikers. This was both a sports bar and hooker hangout just like ALL the other bars on the street. We sat down to get some good food and have a few drinks. It took about 5 minutes before 2 “bar girls” aka hookers approached us and started flirting with us.

It was fun for the first few minutes but after a while we just wanted to eat our dinner. One of the girls was funny and outgoing whereas the other was just plain weird. She would just stare at us and then run away. Only to come back and repeat the insanity. However, once she stopped to give me a high five only to pull her hand back and runaway again. I’m not sure why but I think she hated us…maybe it was because we wouldn’t by her (and her friend) a drink?

It even got to the point where she confronted Steve and said “What did you say about me!?”Steve was caught off guard but just said something among the lines of “that you’re awesome.” She stared for a few seconds and then ran a few feet away again. She was still mad and even though I can’t understand Thai, it seemed like her friend and one of the bar staff had to calm her down.

The funny and outgoing girl was named Cherry and she stuck around for a little while and chatted/flirted with us. It was fun for the most part but there was 1 part in our conversation where she kept insisting that I touch her boobs. Little awkward but what do you expect from a bar girl in Bangkok?

The funniest part of the conversation was when she showed us the lotion she got while shopping earlier. It was a lotion that whitens your skin. Apparently in Thailand white skin is more attractive than dark skin so many girls will use lotion that whitens there skin and put on makeup that whitens their face when they go out…completely opposite from the United States.

We finished up eating and headed out to our first nightclub, Levels. This club was awesome and was considered to be one of the top nightclubs in Bangkok. It had an outside area, large inside area with dance floor, and great music. The drinks more expensive then we were used to…250 baht for a Vodka + Redbull which is about $7.81. It was still about half of what you would pay at a top nightclub in America.

Inside area with dance floor

The club was filled with mostly Asian girls and foreign guys. We started talking to a girl next to us who had been in Bangkok for 1 month and was from Singapore. Her name was Jenny and her, Steve, and I  had a few drinks with her and joked around. She was also giving us some tips about what to do for New Years Eve and so on. She said one thing that was quite shocking and interesting.

“A lot of the girls here are freelances [aka prostitutes]”

We knew all the girls at the bars were hookers but the clubs too? I guess we’ll never come across normal Thai girls. We then asked her just how many of the girls are prostitutes. Her response?

“Pretty much all of them”

Well there you have it, even some of the hottest clubs are a haven for the ladies of the night. It was still a fun club and we had a great time but it was just kinda weird that nearly all of the girls were prostitutes. We spent most the night on the dance floor doing are awesomely ridiculous dance moves. Everyone around us thought they were hilarious and cheered for us.

The club closed at 3am and Steve, Jenny, and I headed to an after hours club called Bash which was just a few blocks down the street. By this time Steve and Jenny had already been dancing for a few hours and got a “little friendly.” Bash was an equally fun nightclub with great music, lights, and a dance floor.


We didn’t have our cameras this night but here is an accurate pic

Our time at Bash started with us on the dance floor doing our usual shenanigans. There was 1 part where a circle of people formed in the middle of the dance floor and various people would go in the middle to showoff their dance moves. For those you who know me pretty well you can probably imagine what I did next…

I jumped in the middle of the and did my usual ridiculous dance moves. After about 20 seconds I found myself in a dance-off with a gay? guy. Despite my awesomely hilarious dance moves, I got served. Turns out he was a dance instructor. I would like to think I at least held my own. Steve and Jenny were in the upstairs portion of the club hanging out while I was on the dance floor.

Just like the Levels nightclub, all the girls here were hookers. This begs the question..

Is the girl that Steve had been getting friendly with all night, Jenny, a hooker?

I went upstairs to meet up with Steve and Jenny. I talked with Steve and he filled me in on some interesting things he learned while chatting with Jenny. Apparently, eventually their conversation shifted to Jenny coming back to the hotel after the club. To which she revealed the shocking truth, she herself was a freelancer.

Whoops? I guess this would explain why she kept insisting that we buy her drinks all night. We got her 1 or 2 since she was fun and was giving us some good tips for city but I guess that wasn’t enough in her eyes. We also should have raised a red flag when she said that nearly all the girls at the club were hookers. Steve happily declined the offer and they went their separate ways.

We still had a great time and got to experience 2 awesome nightclubs that rival any Vegas club. We got home around 5ish and passed out nearly immediately. Hopefully we can find a nightclub for New Years Eve that is less whore infested.

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  1. Taylor says:

    Very nice, how much for these classy ladies?