Day 3: New Years Eve in Bangkok and More!

We started the day by walking to Lumphini park. It’s a large park nearby that the staff at our hotel recommended visiting. It was only a 20 minute walk and we got to see more of the streets of Bangkok. We even passed by the United States Embassy on the way (good to know it was walking distance from where we were staying). On the wall of the embassy there was some painting by local schools about Thai-United States relations. Each block was painted by a different school. DSCN0657 DSCN0656 DSCN0655 We continued down the on the journey and after about 20 minutes we finally arrived at the park. This park was huge! It was also the cleanest part of the city we’ve seen…usually the streets are pretty dirty. DSCN0659


There was also a large pond where you could rent paddle boats that looked like swans

We we’re trying to decided if we wanted to rent a paddle boat. That question was soon answered when we saw a massive lizard climb out of the water into one of the unused boats. No thank you.


Some type of massive lizard…scary looking thing


Cool view of the city


An interesting building we came across


Steve next a cool looking tree


Small amphitheater for concerts?


Cool looking gazebo thing

So some of you may have heard of a place in Venice Beach called “Muscle Beach.” Well in Thailand they have something similar…except maybe “Muscle Forest” would be a better name? It was filled with a bunch of ripped Asians. Imagine Ronnie from Jersey Shore but with slanted eyes. There weren’t many weight plates, just tires and other heavy objects. And who needs padded mats when you have sand?

DSCN0671 DSCN0670


A bunch of heart shaped bushes in the middle of the park


View from one side…I think the picture at the end is of the King of Thailand

We were pretty tired after the park so we decided to get a massage…and at only $10 how could we not? My massage was definitely “interesting.” I decided I would try a foot massage rather than the traditional Thai massage.

The massage started off with a fairly large woman trying to convince me to do an oil massage instead. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but soon I would understand why (note: unlike foot massages, oil massages you’re usually naked). Halfway through the massage another (equally large) masseuse saw me getting a foot massage and insisted on giving me a head/shoulder massage while the original masseuse was giving me a foot massage. I’m in and, ? DSCN0681

Let’s just say the second half of the massage was vastly different from the first. Basically they were both flirting with me and competing for my attention (and love?). One would say something among the lines of “how does that feel, honey?” and the other would give her a weird look and say to me “does that feel good, sweety?”.

Overall it was a pretty dam good massage. Here’s a tip for Thailand: if you ever want a really good massage find 2 masseuses to fight over you. After the massage we got some dinner at the American bar near our hotel.

They were having a mini New Years celebration and were cooking up a lot of food for everyone. Best part was that it was all FREE. We always have fun at this bar because the girls that work there are very friendly and the guys who come in always give us some helpful tips to the city. This day was no different.

Once we were full we went back to the hotel to get ready for the big night. We got all dressed up and made our stop at the ATM to pull out some cash before the evening festivities.

Question: What’s the 2nd worst thing to lose while traveling?

Answer: Debit card, and that’s exactly what happened to me.

Unlike most ATMs in America, these don’t spit out your card right away. I put my card in, grabbed my cash, and walked away without realizing my card was still in there since it didn’t pop out. It took about 15 minutes before I realized I didn’t have my debit card on me. Steve and I immediately headed back to the ATM to see if the card was still there. But no luck, it was gone. The next 30 minutes went like this…

  1. Freak out/panic, what if someone withdrew $1,000’s?
  2. Find my banks phone number to cancel the card
  3. Figure out how the hell you call American phone #s from Thailand
  4. Figure out how to use the phone
  5. Finally cancel the card
  6. Check my bank balance. Luckily for me nothing was taken.

The good news is I still had my credit card and business card which worked fine. All in all it was a minor inconvenience. We were now ready to head out for the New Years Eve festivities. We decided we were going to go to a club called Route 66 which is supposedly one of the hottest nightclubs in Bangkok and prostitute free. This would be a nice break from the prostitute infested bars and clubs we’ve been at the past few days.


Picture taken right when we walked in. There is a stage at the very end.

Route 66 was just plain AWESOME. It consisted of 3 areas…

  • Large outdoor area with live Thai bands, singers, and DJ’s
  • Inside area playing only house/electronic music
  • Another inside area playing only hip hop and top 40 songs

We decided that tonight we were going get a table and bottle, something that usually costs $100’s in the U.S. Luckily for us, a bottle of Vodka with mixers was only $60! We had more booze than we needed but we were planning on giving a few drinks away to fun people we met.

Our table was way in the back of the hip hop area and there wasn’t too many people around. We kept trying to see if any other tables were open (there was probably around 100 total…but they were much smaller than the tables you would find in America). We finally gave up and ended up just walking around the club with our bottle of Vodka trying to find a group of fun people we could join.

After a few minutes we found a group of 3 local Thai girls that were dancing next to their table. We joined them and offered to share our drinks with them which they seemed to appreciate. They spoke a little English but nothing more than the usual “how are you,” “what’s your name,” “where are you from”, etc.DSCN0687 DSCN0690


One thing I learned on this night, Thai girls know how to drink!

When we arrived at their table they were finishing a bottle of whiskey. Within 10 minutes another bottle of whiskey appeared. Keep in mind we were also sharing some of our vodka with them. Each bottle of whiskey is about 20ish shots so you do the math.

One of the girls got pretty drunk so her friends had to leave early to take her home. Either way the night started to wind down and we ended up leaving the club shortly after. It was great being able to meet some local Thai girls our age who weren’t hookers.

It’s safe to say that Route 66 in Bangkok is my new favorite club in the world. I’ve been to Vegas and Ibiza and this club was still more fun…the Thai’s just know how to party and have a good time. If I’m ever in Bangkok again I will have to make a pit stop at Route 66.

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