Day 6: Shopping, Massages, and Beer Pong

First day in Chiang Mai! After a fun night on the town we thought we would take it relatively easy. We started off walking down the street to a nearby mall to check out the shopping of Chiang Mai.

The streets were much less crowded and cleaner than Bangkok. After about 30 minutes we arrived at a local mall which was filled with only electronics. I was in search for a dress shirt since I hadn’t brought one so the journey would have to continue. We found a small clothing store across the street which had a wide variety of dress shirts.

Unfortunately they didn’t speak and English which made it difficult for Steve to find out where the closest bathroom. Every time Steve said “bathroom” or “restroom” they kept pointing to the dressing rooms. I thought it was pretty entertaining but I’m sure Steve felt otherwise.

After picking up a simple plain black dress shirt (most of the Thai styles looked kinda weird), we headed over to Lanna Massage for our 2 hour Thai massages. Lanna Massage was definitely one of the nicer massage spots in town. We could tell by the entrance alone that we were in for a treat.


We were served hot tea while we waited and provided with slippers. After a few minutes they took us into our massage room. Unlike an oil massage where you usually get completely undressed, Thai massages are clothed. However, they provide very loose clothes that allow them to move you around without any restrictions.


The massage itself had to be one of the greatest massages in my life. The massage beds were heated, the masseuses knew what they were doing, and it was pretty cheap. For 2 hours at a upscale massage parlor it only cost 750 baht which is about $23. Just try finding that in the U.S.

Feeling very relaxed, we headed back to our hostel to take a nap before exploring the city. After an hour or so we started to get ready for another night around Chiang Mai. We decided we would check out a nearby bar that had beer pong. Beer pong in Chiang Mai? Hell yes!

The bar was called The Playhouse. We heard online that the staff was really good at beer pong since they work there and probably get a good amount of practice. Steve and I were looking for a challenge and wanted to find out for ourselves.


The bar had some great electronic music playing, a pool table, and 2 beer pong tables setup. It was a little early and we were the only ones there excluding some French guy sitting by the entrance (more on this later).

The staff was very cute, fun, and friendly. However despite the rumors, The Playhouse’s best beer pong players could not defeat the Jeff + Steve duo. After our victory we sat at the bar and had a few drinks with the French guy, Nikol.


Nikol was a crazy Frenchman who had been living in Chiang Mai for a few months. He knew the city quite well and after a few drinks at The Playhouse he took us down the street to another bar where we met up with one of his French friends. Him and his friend were a lot of fun and it was great just hanging out.

We only stayed for an hour or so since the next morning we had to get up early for our zip-lining adventure through Thailand’s rain forests. We said our farewell’s and headed back to our hostel for a relatively early night in.

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  1. Taylor says:

    I <3 massages with a happy ending!!